YUBI NJ App Reviews

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Poor rating system

You have to barely touch the brakes in order to receive a decent "smooth driving" score. Time of day is also a poor rating system. You would think you would get a better score driving in off peak or non rush hour hours but its the opposite.

Time of day

The penalty for time of day driving is very harsh. The fact that I have to get to and from school during peak hours should not weigh this heavily on my score. Even with all other components in good standing (various driving skills), time of day brings the score down dramatically.


DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS BIG BROTHER APP!!! This app is forced upon you by the insurance provider. "If you want to keep your discount you must download" thats the text messages I got almost daily. This app follows everything you do, every movement in a vehicle and rates you in it even if you are a passenger you have to manually shut it off, when you get in any vehicle even your own. Im not understanding why they need to monitor my every move. Im goi to delete the app and just pay the non discounted price if this is going to keep happening and they're going to base my insurance rate on all movement including being a passenger in another vehicle.

Good App

It's a good app and worth getting for the discount on your policy. There just a couple of faults. Smooth driving is iffy you have to slow down almost half a mile away so that the app doesn't say your braking aggressively even that it's not too bad. The worst thing thou is that it penalizes you for the time of day your driving. I start work at 6 am and have to commute early and it's give you a ridiculously low score for driving at 4 in the morning because it says it's says it's dangerous time to drive. Overall 3/5

Update error

Delete and upload again


Yesterday on my way home I couldn't turn yubi on because it keeps saying to update but it brings me to the App Store and there is NO UPDATE???


I got an email saying I needed to update to use, I hit the bar to update it takes me to the App Store , no update it also say open which takes me back to the App Store

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